The Cass County Emergency Management Agency is a county agency authorized by county resolution, and affirmed by city ordinances, county-city interlocal agreement and state statutes.  The agency’s office is located in the Emergency Operating Center (EOC) in the lower level of the County Office Building on the Northeast corner of the Cass County Fairgrounds in rural Weeping Water, near the center of the county. The Director is Sandy Weyers.  The Deputy Director is Rosanne Dobesh-Degraff.

There are a multitude of functions the CCEMA fulfills in it’s day-to-day operations.  CCEMA assists community emergency services in planning for efficient operations during disaster and assists local jurisdictions and public safety agencies in the development and maintenance of warning systems throughout Cass County.  It acts as a liaison between emergency operations agencies and county-city executives.  It serves as county coordinator for homeland security and administers the federal Population Protection Program

CCEMA provides annual training for severe storm spotters and coordinates storm watch operations.  It coordinates planning, reporting and response to county-wide hazardous materials incidents.  It is integral in the planning and conducting of various types of training exercises and instructing and assisting the general public in disaster procedures.  It assists schools, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses and industries in developing and implementing their disaster plans.

Cass County EMS is a division of Cass County Emergency Management Agency and employs 4 full-time paramedics and has a staff of around 21 EMTs.  Director Sandy Weyers is administrator of Cass County EMS.

The EOC houses the Operations Room for use in coordinating disaster response operations and auxiliary communications facilities.  The EOC has standby electricity in order to function in times of power outages

PERSONNEL:  There are Three Full time personnel.

FUNDS: The Cass County Emergency Management Agency operates from the county general fund. Funding comes from two primary sources: Federal (DHS/FEMA).

CASS COUNTY HAZARDS: The County population is exposed to 17 hazards in three basic categories; (1) Natural, (2) Technological and (3) National Security, which have the potential to disrupt the day to day community life patterns.  These emergencies and disasters could involve injuries, death and property loss to the citizens of the county.  Eight of the hazards have the highest potential of occurrence and they include; tornadoes, severe storms (winter and summer), floods, hazardous materials (HAZMAT), utility and transportation accidents, and national emergencies.  The other nine hazards are, civil disturbances, subsidence (sinkholes), fire/explosion, pollution, water related incidents, medical epidemic, loss of communications and earthquakes.

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Cass County, Nebraska has contracted with Everbridge to form the Cass County Alert System.  Users can enter basic profile information and opt in to receiving community alerts, transportation alerts and weather notifications.  These subscriptions can be edited and updated at any time.  The alerts can be sent via text message, email or by phone.  You can choose one method or many to receive your emergency notifications.

Cass County Alert System also allows you to share information with us that would be helpful to us in responding to a disaster in our area.  The software allows the user to list special needs, such as life-sustaining equipment or special medications, that will enable emergency responders to best prepare for the needs of the community.  For example, if there is a power outage, we will be able to ensure the safety and health of our community members requiring refrigerated medications, supplemental oxygen or other critical medical devices/therapies that depend on electricity.  Please share any skills you may have to volunteer during an emergency or disaster as well, as during a disaster, local resources can be quickly overwhelmed.

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